Frequently asked questions (FAQ's):
Q: What type of Air Con equipment do you Service, Repair, Maintain & even apply Energy savings to?
A: All types including Residential Ducted, Split etc, Commercial (large & Small) including Chillers & Industrial process applications. In addition we are an Accredited Service Provider (ASP) for Mitsubishi Electric Australia.
Q: Who Can Service, Repair, Maintain or Install Air Conditioning?
A: The individual is required by law to be  "ARC Tick Approved" to carry out the works, this insures the technician/s are suitably qualified, experienced & a trades person to hold the necessary licence, permits, insurances etc. otherwise your insurances or warranty may not be valid & your property not protected if there is subsequent damage. See details and a list of authorised individuals & organisations at http://www.lookforthetick.com.au/ there is also a guide on selecting, installing and servicing of air conditioners.
  Q: Does my Commercial or Residential air conditioning need a re-gas & how often?
A: This is part myth derived from Automotive air conditioning. Automotive compressors have a shaft seal that may allow refrigerant (gas) to pass through at times and leak to atmosphere, particularly if you don't use the air conditioning often or during winter. All domestic and most Commercial types don't have shaft seals. However your Domestic or Commercial air conditioning may develop a leak, due to improper installation, maintenance(or lack of) servicing procedures, affecting performance, decreasing capacity to heat and cool, increasing energy consumption, the gas also cools the compressor, so short of gas contributes to premature compressor failure and costly repairs not covered under manufacturers warranty. 
Re gassing can be costly & certain gases are currently being phased out so it does pay to maintain your system, this combined with rising energy costs are causing many clients to take immediate action.
Q: How can reduce my energy consumption thus saving money and the environment?
A: Through effective Servicing & Maintenance.
Q: What is the highest consumer of Energy in any Property?
A: In most Buildings Air Conditioning accounts for approximately 60% of energy use.
Q: Does Energy Efficient Maintenance & Service assist in reducing energy consumption ?
  A: Absolutely, yet not if its not in the mindset & experience of a Technician. Over time  you can see reductions in energy consumption via your electricity bill whilst increasing the equipment life & reliability.


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