Refrigeration FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

We Service, Repair and carry out Preventative Maintenance to Commercial Air Conditioning ie. Pubs, Clubs etc

A benefit for our existing clients is they have one single reliable source for Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.


Q: How often should Refrigeration Plant be maintained & serviced?

A: We suggest Preventative Maintenance be carried out at minimum 6 monthly, much dependent on run times, age of equipment & how important the role of the equipment.

Q: What are the benefits of Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)?

A: All equipment containing Electrical motors, Controls, Mechanical & systems containing refrigeration gas require regular Maintenance & Servicing.....

  1. Preventative Servicing increases Reliability & the useful age of the equipment.
  2. There are numerous issues that if corrected early will likely reduce a major failure.
  3. The potential loss of refrigerant gas, food or beverage product & associated services are greatly reduced.
  4. Energy savings are realised through effective Maintenance- maintaining a leak free refrigeration system, clean coils etc increases energy efficiency
  5. The potential of costly urgent after hour repairs & associated downtime are reduced.
  6.  Costly repairs avoided if systems are not leak tested & effective Maintenance of potential leak zones.

Vellairpro & Co PTY LTD can tailor a  Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) for your business equipment & enjoy further benefits of being a Priority Client, if you need us in a hurry for your Refrigeration & Air Conditioning needs.